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Where are you from?

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Well, originally I am from Cherokee North Carolina from the Cherokee Indian Reservation. The Appalachian mountains, also called the Blue ridge mountains are some of the most beautiful ranges in the US.

They actually span 7 entire Southern states.The rivers and streams and woodlands are breath taking!

The animals are plentiful and in variety, but; because of population of mankind has reduced their natural habitats. They are running out of room as well as man.


I have been very lucky and privileged to have had the chance to travel over all the US and parts of Europe. Seeing such marvels and sights has been a treasure indeed! 


I finally settled now in Australia and love it here! the beauty and animals that cannot be seen in any other part of the world is amazing!

It is nothing to have kangaroo hopping through your yard, or a whole flocks of multi kinds of parrots and budgies you normally see caged up in the states, flying wild and free here.

The people live like 50 years back in time.. by that I mean the lay back attitude and friendliness is so much like when I grew up in the South in the US.

The Aboriginal people are fantastic and so much like my people in beliefs and heritage of the Native American, I never feel as if I left my homelands. 

I guess it is all why I love it here so.


That is all I have to say,



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Wow there's a lot of people from similar cultures/regions huh, pretty awesome! I'm from California, US so nothing really special here lol. But I am from Mexican descent, parents are from Mexico <3

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Yay! Cheers for another Asian (and another member from Indian subcontinent :D)


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