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RP: Moonas Jurny (sign up)

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Disclaimer: I am assuming this is an original rp and not based on any series like AP.


you're gonna need a lot more detail.


1. setting: what's the place. Describe in detail. for example, how large is this matria kingdom. who lives there. who rules. how do they rule (are they a puppet rule for example). is there a crisis there. What are the other kingdoms.


2. Time period: medieval is gonna be a lot different than modern.


3. races: what is a catmandoo? is everyone a cat person? And what the heck are your classes? Blood letter? sword mage? Explain what those are.


4. sci fi allowed or not: guns or no guns. robots, androids, flying saucers.


5. magic: self explanatory


6. plot: what exactly is the point of this RP? why should people role play in this one? all you have is a vague "join more to learn your destiny" which looks a lot like "I have no plot in mind. We'll make it up as we go". There's nothing wrong with those types of rps, but knowing beforehand is always good.


Oh, and what's a jurny? do you mean journey?

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