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soutaiyou - Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

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Developer: soutaiyou


I just finished playing this awesome game and thought it would be unwise not to share it with y'all! :D


Vacant Sky is a twisted tale of manipulation and secrets, of hatred and vengeance. It's set in a modern world with hints of sci-fi and dark fantasy.


All I wanted was to find a way home...and to find out why they were following me. I don't know how it happened, but I know it all started the night that I died.




It started on the night of October 18th. That's the night Auria Edith was shot and killed on her way home.


For reasons still unclear to her, she was given a second chance at life and began a quest to uncover the mystery surrounding her death. However, even more mysterious than the circumstances surrounding her death are the Virad, a cult of masked men following her every move.


As the eerie conspiracy centered around her gradually becomes unraveled, Auria is forced to confront an unpleasant truth about herself and make a choice that will haunt her for the rest of her life.


The game is split up into three releases:


Act I - Shadow and Ashes: Released March 16, 2009

Act II - Halo Locks: Released January 5, 2010

Act III - Angel of Justice: Released October 18, 2010












-Original soundtrack composed by Tarranon, featuring vocal tracks by Melody Yoo and Melanie Ehrlich

-8 playable characters (along with up to 6 guests)

-Customize Auria's stats and growth

-Select your own progression of techniques

-Interact with your party members to strengthen your relationship with them

-Unlock guest art title screens through sidequests

























Download Act I : Megaupload / Rapidshare / Gdc.wpi.edu

Fix for runtime error: fmodex


Download Act II: Megaupload / 2shared / Gdc.wpi.edu


Download Act III: Flameupload / Bluesophia


Note: In order to properly convert over your save data from Act I, you need to have the Act I Clear Flag, which you get by saving after the credits. Make sure you’ve done that before trying to convert! Same applies for the next Act.


Official Site


Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! ;)


aislingyngaio: OP has obtained permission from creator

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Hoyeah. I've been playing it, and it's one of the awesomest games ever. I like that Auria actually does have a personality, and interacts with people and replies to what they say.

And her journal entries amuse me. Very much.

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I just started playing this game and its pretty good so far. I like how you start out playing as the antagonists :D


I need some help with a side quest, I can't find Bethany's boyfriend who stood her up at the restaurant. I've looked everywhere :S Has anyone found him?

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I've already used it & Michael was explaining that part about the 3 upper-class captain & then this girl was trying to open the door and the error appeared again... Am I suppose to delete the rgss102e.dll file if I've downloaded yours?

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Just finished Act 1 and loved it!! :D The plot is really intriguing that I can't wait for the next Act especially after it ended at the point it did.


The character artwork and effects were awesome too. Thanks for sharing this great game with us. :D


Edit: Oh and I couldn't complete the Missing George quest too. Has anyone found him yet?

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Ummm... noticed something interesting, ^^ early in the game (in Auria's hometown) at night, I saw a black-caped figure (Vastale, I assume) disappear behind a tree o_O I tried to pursue him but that didn't seem possible. Has anyone else come across this? Is it a trigger to something else? Just curious!

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O_O That sounds interesting... I'd like to check it out but unfortunately I'm past that point. Where exactly did you see him?


As for that boyfriend quest, I left it incomplete and moved on. :( I'm currently trying to win the caravan battle. But I may replay the first Act when the next one is released (which is just a few days away, yays!) just to find him. :lol:

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@Ivana: You need to replace fmodex.dll file in the games directory with the new one you downloaded. :)


@Aura: Interesting find! Must have missed it as I didn't explore the town much at night time and headed straight for the train station. I'll make sure to check it out in my next playthrough. ^_^

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I just beat the game and it was awesome. And I loved the beginning! The characterisation is very well done, my favorite character being Weapon XD The battles can get a bit difficult sometimes but the battle system is really cool and so is the skill system. Looking forward to Act 2! :)

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Just finished the game and have to say I enjoyed it immensely. :D I agree with Velvet above, the intro is GREAT!! The story is very compelling and the characters well-etched. I also liked the music, mapping and artwork. The only thing that didn't appeal to me was the fact that Act 1 was far too linear (and too short =P).


Eagerly awaiting the next act!

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