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Novostrana (v0.30 - 14th May 2010)

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Novostrana is a Fantasy RPG currently under development by RPG Magic.


In Novostrana you will meet many unique characters, travel through the vast wilderness, forests and marshes and fight many enemies. You will also be able to trade, perform alchemy, work with companions and participate in many more activities.


Novostrana will be free to download and play. No strings attached!


Feature List


* Over 80 unique areas to explore.


* Side Quests with many risks and rewards.


* Every person in the game has their own unique story to tell.


* Real-time on-map battles.


* Dynamic weather, lighting and time of day.


* Characters will do different things and be in different places in the game world depending on many factors, including time of day and weather.


* Dynamic Character Development where you choose how to upgrade your character.


* Your character actually wears the armour that you equip!


* Create items through Crafting.


* And much, much more!




The current version of the game can be downloaded here.


A patch has also been released that fixes a couple of serious bugs: http://www.rpg-magic.org/games/novostrana/downloads/nov_032_patch.exe'>http://www.rpg-magic.org/games/novostrana/downloads/nov_032_patch.exe


Further information about exactly what is included in this version can be found here.


Website and Forums


You can find the Novostrana Minisite at:



You can also find the RPG Magic Forums at:




























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Thanks guys! :D


@UntoldReveries: Yeah, it's probably best to wait for the next version. Most of the features haven't been implemented in the first public release and there are a few major bugs.

I guess what I'm aiming at is for the game to be released in stages (i.e. We release stuff as it gets done) and the game will have a new feature in the next release so you can easily check for updates and be taken to the right one immediately.


@elonah: Looking forward to those comments! :)




These are the features that have been added to the next version of the game so-far:





First Installer version of Novostrana.

Levelling and Stats have been completely overhauled.

A saved game auto-updater has been included.

All areas that were previously locked out are now accessible.

More areas have been added.

More quests have been added.

Can now check for updates.

New start and backstory implemented.

The game will now automatically start in Full Screen mode.

A new credits script has been included with an up-to-date credits list.

Installed Blizz-ABS.

All Weapons and Armours have been rebalanced.

Fixed several issues with levelling-up.

Added new crafting system.

Added Dynamic Shop system.

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Awesome, I'll try it soon :)


I must say the name is pretty interesting, in my language Novostrana (nova strana) means "a new page" :)

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Really!?! That's awesome! I thought "Novostrana" didn't mean anything.

That's actually quite appropriate for what I've got planned for the project.

I based the name on the name of a country in a game called "Republic: The Revolution" which was called "Novistrana". I just changed the i to an o so I didn't get into trouble because of copyright.

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I just finished roaming around, and every features is interesting. One thing that i found not so promising is the mapping,

I can't make so much comments so far because it's an Alpha version, It's not fair if i'll point at every bugs because it's under development. So that's it and good luck to you

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Thanks Aura. Most of the features aren't in the current release of the game, but there should be a new release with most of the features in by Christmas. I've got a list of things that need to be done before the next release. There are currently 15 items left on that list.

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Hrm... the manual isn't working in the new version... the game claims that the file cannot be found... and since I hadn't played the other version in a long while, I forgot how to do the attacks and everything.

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That's weird, because it works on my installation, and it's looking for it in the right place.

Try going into "C:\Program Files\RPG Magic\Novostrana" and there should be a file in there called "Manual.pdf". If it's not there, let me know.

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I can see the Manual in the folder... and I can open it from the folder, but not from the game itself... and it doesn't show the extension at the end of the file either.

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It depends what your folder options are. Most systems are set up so that you only see the file extension if your computer doesn't recognise it and associate it with any program.

Hmm... it sounds like it's an issue with the menu. Can you play the game from the menu?

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Yes... I can play the game fine from the Menu... and I also clicked through everything else. It is only the Manual I cannot seem to access via the Menu.

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