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~*She turned Seventeen*~ Mel's story

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So thanks for taking the time to come in here! I wrote this story about Mel. I know it's very long, but I really hope that you like it :)


Mel’s story


Do you ever wonder how I came to detest nobles? And since I did, why did I not hate Edward when I found out he was a prince? It’s a long story, but for once, I have time to tell it.


It all began that warm, summer night. It’s surprising that such a warm night could be remembered as so dreadful. My mother and father were thieves, both working for Boden. My older brother, Dreal, also worked for him. We were poor, no doubt, but we always managed. I loved my family as much as anybody would love theirs, so naturally it was a shock when I lost them.


My family had gone to sleep, and I was wide awake, exited for tomorrow, my seventh birthday. It didn’t matter to me at all that I won't be getting a present, or that there would be no cake. I would finally, finally, have lived seven years. The thought itself was exiting. Who cared if we were poor?


I was lost in my thoughts, but suddenly I thought I had heard footsteps outside the open window. I peered outside, and I saw shadows moving through the darkness. I rolled over and shook Dreal, who slept on the floor. We took turns sleeping on the small bed.


“Mel…?” he groaned sleepily. “Hey, Mel, I know you’re exited but it’s nearly midnight and you should really be getting some sleep.” He yawned.


“Please listen!” I begged.


He groaned again, and we both heard the footsteps, considerably louder this time. I could see a growing panic in my fifteen-year-old brother’s face. Suddenly we heard the door creak open, and my brother sat up straight in pure terror. He quickly pulled himself together and faced the door. I scrambled over to my parents’ bed.


“Wake up!”


“Mel…it’s getting late…” my mother’s gentle voice said.


“Mother! Father! There’s somebody at the door!”


Instantly they both bolted out of the bed and went to the doorway, pushing my brother back towards me.


“It’s the Clockwork family,” he whispered in my ear. I began to cry because I knew this was it, this was the end of my life, because it was my father and Dreal who robbed the Clockwork Mansion a few hours ago.


“What do you want?” my father growled.


The old man who was at the front of the family curled his lip.


“To see you dead.”


I screamed. It was that word. The word that I was afraid of. The word that I dreaded. Dead, death, die. It was pure terror. I didn’t want to die. Who does? Everyone wants to live forever, just like I do. Death was always a horrid thing. I was afraid of it. I didn’t want to die!


I nearly cried at my worst fear. I was too young! In perhaps minutes, it would be my seventh birthday. I didn’t want to die!


My mother turned around, fear lit in those pretty, brown eyes.


Please don’t let me die!!


“Run!” she urged.


I'm going to die!!!


“I don’t think so,” the old man snarled.


A man and a woman, both considerably younger than the old man, leaped into the house. The man grabbed my mother and threw her onto the bed. He raised his knife, and my mother’s last scream of pain and terror ended abruptly as her body went limp.


She’s dead.


The woman was pinning my father against the wall and she was waving a long sword in front of his face. I knew what was going to happen and I turned away, not wanting to see it happen.


He’s going to die.


Dreal grabbed my hand and pushed me towards the window. “Quick! Come on, Mel, you can do it, don’t give up…Mel!” His last word was a scream as the old man caught hold of him. I turned around, I couldn’t believe that my beloved brother was going to…die.


Please, please…you can't die as well…


“The window! Mel…Mel!”


I whipped around and tumbled out the window. When I was outside, I looked over my shoulder to see my brother struggling to free his hands from behind his back; the old man was holding on tight with a single hand.


The other hand had a silver, diamond-edged knife in it.


“No! Please!” I cried.


I looked into my brother’s eyes and drowned in the emotion there. At that instant, I knew that he was trying to tell me that he loved me. He would only have this one moment to do so on last time.


The old man raised the knife.


My brother struggled one last time, this time he broke free and sent his own beautiful dagger flying towards me before the old man caught hold of him again. I caught the dagger.


Venom glared at me from his eyes as the old man finally accomplished his goal.


Tears splashed onto the dry ground as the love and everything else disappeared from Dreal’s eyes, to be replaced by forever blankness.


I ran. I knew I couldn’t run faster than the old man, but somehow I escaped. I collapsed onto the ground and stared at the stars, screaming.


My whole family…my entire…life…


Tears poured out of my eyes, down my cheeks, and splashed onto the cold grass. I wiped them, but they still came, faster and faster, until I gave up. And still I cried and yelled and screamed. I felt like with every scream, I was letting out my despair. I felt that with every yell, I was spitting hatred.


I didn’t know who I was crying out to, whether it was the old man, my parents, Dreal…or the stars themselves.


But I vowed I would avenge them. I would kill that man with my own hands, using the last gift that Dreal gave to me. Yes, I will kill them…






Almost ten years, now, since I had vowed to kill. Seven years ago I had escaped from that filthy orphanage they had insisted I go to. Six years since I became a thief. My life was fairly good, with Boden to keep me busy.


I became a thief because I knew only nobles would have things that people would want to steal. I wanted to steal from them, I found it comforting, I felt the satisfaction wonderful, and I felt happy to know that I was stealing from the type of people who destroyed my family.


I hated nobles, and I became as least like them as I could. It brought me a sense of joy. A sense of pride. I was not like them.


But still I cried myself to sleep every night. I didn’t know why, anybody would think that I had matured the least bit all these years…but no. I still cried. But it doesn’t matter. It feels good to let out my feelings. And when my feelings really block up, I scream to the stars, as loudly as I can.


It’s even funny sometimes, how the police come to investigate and the next newspaper would be about “Mad Screaming (possibly) Murderer In Town; Beware”.

Tomorrow would be my seventeenth birthday. I plan to kill the old man tonight, with the dagger that had gotten rusty by now. But it was still fit to kill its previous owner’s murderer.


The last ray of sun had set. I got to my feet and walked to Boden’s.


“Hi…Boden?” I said cautiously. I would never forget the time when a police officer was in the office instead of Boden, or the time when a raccoon jumped out at me.


“Mel? I take it that you have the pearl?”


“Here it is.”


“Ah, of course. You’d never fail…ok, Mel, I know this was supposed to be done tomorrow, but since you’re always ahead of schedule…”


“You mean the wedding ring? Yup, here.”


“Ah, thank you, thank you. Now your job tonight—”


“Actually, Boden? I think I'm ready for a break.”


“What?! You’re retiring?! That’s—Mel! You're way too young! And—and—”


“No no no no no! Not retiring—”


“Then you’re quitting!” he shrieked. “Mel, we need you! We absolutely cannot do without you! You’re our…”


On and on he went, and I pretended to listen closely, while I was actually enjoying this, watching him screech and scream in absolute madness. It felt good to feel like I could laugh. When I had enough fun, I interrupted him.


“Just tonight.”


“……Oh. Just tonight.”




“Oh, well, yes, of course, that’s—that’s fine, yes, of course, off you go now, go on, hurry up, you need a break, can't deny that, well, go on, hurry up, its absolutely fine…”


“Thank you, Boden.” I smiled sweetly and left.


As soon as I smelled the comforting fresh air, the enormousness of what she was planning to do that night crashed down.


“How could I ever do this…?” I murmured quietly, despairing.


Wiping the tears away with my hand, I squared my shoulders.


“Mel, you are Mel. Yes, you are Mel, brave Mel, strong Mel, you can do this, oh yes you can. You’ve starved and stolen, you’ve been clawed by a raccoon, you’ve swatted mosquitoes, you’ve been cold and alone, you’ve robbed, you are definitely not afraid of what’s coming.”


Sighing, I knew that I couldn’t comfort myself with those words. Instead, I took a turn and tried different encouragement instead.


“That was the man, the man who led the people who murdered your parents, and he was the man who killed Dreal himself…”


The last few words became unnaturally high as I fought to choke back tears. But it wasn’t possible. A wave of depression crashed down onto me, and I could not summon the strength to stay standing. I collapsed in front of Boden’s door, sobbing. I knew Boden would come any minute, so I pulled myself together and got up, sprinting all the way to Clockwork Mansion.


I threw myself into the bushes, unable to hold it any longer, and I curl up. I close my eyes, tears still pouring silently down, and I let all my feelings take hold of me. Anger, despair, love, hatred…insanity.


I feel like every day, I don’t exist in this world, that I'm trapped in a bubble that nobody could break. I had gone through what most people don’t, and that made me…different. Separate. Unreal…as if I were an alien.


The moon rose high and the stars shone. I summoned all my strength to stand up. I pick locked the door easily and went inside.


I went upstairs, my heart thumping hard at what I wanted to do. I'm not sure anymore. I don’t know what I want. It was the worst feeling, to not be able to be sure what I truly wanted.




I kept going. The thought of his name powered me, pushed anger and strength into me. How dare he kill my brother?


I found the old man’s bed. He was asleep, so perfectly innocent, just like anybody else on the streets or tucked up in a small bed. How could I do this to him?




I raised the knife. I will avenge my family. I will kill the person who destroyed my entire life, and all that I had ever known. It was the only path that I had to peace. With him still alive, I will never be able to feel right.


“Are you really planning to kill me, Mel?”


The voice startled me. I thought he had been asleep! But then again, all nobles lie and trick, and that was what made the unworthy of living, unworthy of this pure world.


“You destroyed my life. You deserve to die.”


My words came out as hard as stone. Yet they were flat and emotionless, no anger to power my feelings, no hatred to voice what I had been going to all these years.


“You don’t understand, Mel. Of course you wouldn’t. I don’t think you were old enough back then to know. Our families go back a long way. Your great-grandfather killed my family when I was a kid because somebody from my family killed his mother. Murders have spread through our history for as long as anybody can remember. I avenged my family by killing your mother and your father.”


“And my brother.”


All I thought about was the blood that soon would be spilt, and of the sense of quietness I would soon feel because there was one less noble in the world. It was the only thing that would keep me from falling.


“Yes. I was selfish, and I refused to end this rivalry that hangs over our families. But you are strong, Mel.”


What was he suggesting? That I turn around and walk out?! Never feel the satisfaction that my family would be proud of what I had done? That was unthinkable!


“I will kill you!”


I nearly had to choke the words out. I didn’t know why, but suddenly there was a sense of energy charging the room. Perhaps I would have to fight. Not with swords, but with my own thoughts. Will I really end up killing him?


“No. Mel, killing is a lot harder than you think. Those who have not killed think that it’s just about raising a knife to somebody’s neck and—”


“I'm not here to listen to how to kill somebody!”


How true. But when I had come into this room, had I really expected to kill him? Somehow, I didn’t think so. His mocking stare infuriated me. He was at my mercy! How dare he—


“Kill me, then.”


I was shocked. It was an open invitation. To kill him. He just told me to kill him. I knew I should take the chance, yet something made me reluctant. But I knew…I could be remembered as the girl who couldn’t even kill anybody. I had to avenge my family!


“I welcome death. I am already old and weak. You would do a favor to kill me.”


I raise the knife to his neck. He stared at me, unflinching.


My feelings are all messed up. Anger and hatred battled fear and pity. I didn’t want to, yet I knew I had to. And I wanted to want to kill him easily, without thinking all these messed up thoughts and feeling these messed up feelings.


“See, Mel? You can't bring yourself to end a life, to splash blood on your innocent self. Don’t try, Mel. I know you can live a lifetime without murdering anybody.”


I tuck the knife away. I have betrayed myself and my family, but what he said powered my will to not harm a life. Tears may pour down faster than they ever have, but what he said was true.


“We can't help being nobles, and trust me; some of us envy the life you live. Don’t hate us just for being what we were since we were born, Mel. We cannot help it.”


I sniffed.


He continued, and his voice turned as gentle as my mother’s used to be.


“I know you hate me, Mel. But I will die. I promise you. I will. I am already sick, and the doctor says I'm not getting any better. Hate me all you want. But just remember, I did save your life when I chose to not chase you.”


I take a deep breath, trying to pull myself together.


“Mel. Take this. I want you to keep this as a keepsake of what you have learned tonight. Take it in memory of me.”


He handed me a yellow silk ribbon. I tie it in my hair, and he smiles. I block out all my feelings of hatred, happiness and confusion. Now was not the time.


I back away from the bed, and then sprint down the stairs out the door.


I stop, my feelings all clogged up. I look up. The stars were still shining, and the full moon was still high. I smile, while crying.


That night, I screamed at the stars, louder than I ever have before. So much has gone wrong in life, yet it felt as if tonight had fixed it all.


Mother, Father, Dreal…I am so sorry, I have broken my promise. I hope you’ll forgive me, but I know I could never kill a human being!


I swallowed down the fear that they would never forgive me, and hate me for the rest of my life. But I push that thought away. They were dead, and the dead do not live again. I have lost them forever.


I am proud of you, Mel.


I nearly fell over in surprise. My brother was dead, and there was nobody else around. How could I have heard him?


I am proud of you.


It came again, but this time, I knew that it was only in my head. I was not imagining it, though. I knew it was real, but I did not feel the need to question him. I knew what he meant.


The man was already pretty much dead. For him, death is no longer a curse. It is a blessing. I remember the times when I was little, and I feared death more than anything. I thought that everybody wanted to live forever. But now I know better.


And he has taught me well, that nobles all can't help being nobles. Not all murders are without reason. The man had a good reason to kill my family, even though I will wish forever that he did not. Perhaps I have been judging them too unfairly.


My fingers reach the yellow silk ribbon. I will keep it forever, and wear it every day. I will treasure it as a memory of the…interesting night I have lived through. My eyes stare into the heavens. “Thank you, and not just for the ribbon,” I say.


Yes, I have definitely grown up. I've matured. This night has changed my life. It has made me see all of life at a different angle. Though all always hate the old man, I will still admire him.


That old man, I don’t even know his name…he gave me the best birthday gift ever. He gave me a new realization of what life truly means, and upon doing that, the bubble that separated me from the world was finally, finally, popped.


I’m seventeen now. That will mean a lot to me. Now, I am the age Dreal was when he died. Another year for my age came with a lot of responsibility and hardship. But most of all, peace. Peace that my life has been calmed. Of course, there will be more hardships, but I will be able to face them. I will remember what I have learned. And I will keep my life happy.


It doesn’t come easy.


I love you, Mel. Forever and always.


“Goodbye, Dreal. I’ll never forget you,” I whisper.


The last burden of my life has been lifted. Sometimes, revenge is not the best option. Sometimes, grieving and remembering dead ones are enough. And that is how it is with my family. I do not need to kill them to feel satisfaction. All I need to do is know that I love them.


And they are proud of me.

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"growing panic in my fifteen-year-old brother’s face." and then "I am the age Dreal was when he died" so in the first one he's fifteen, but then he's seventeen? What age is Dreal? 'O' ??


It was very sad but well-written. I love it.

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