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Rhen's Quest -- can't break Jack out of jail

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I thought that, while waiting for the Lost Orb to come out, I would go through all the Aveyond games in order. I'm stuck with Rhen's Quest. I have viewed the dragon in the cave, solved the nightingale quest and got the dragon bridle. When I go to the island to pick up Jack, I get the conversation about him being a dragon rider, but somehow the option to either break him out of jail or to leave him there does not show up! I'm not given the chance to choose; the conversation just ends with him still in the calaboose. Then when I try to talk to him again, I get the "scum" dialogue, and I can't get him out of jail.


I've even gone to the extreme of uninstalling the game and reinstalling it (build B), but that doesn't seem to have helped.


Any suggestions? Have I missed something?

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