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Hmm.. I liked the part it said elephant.. wait... it didn't.. does that mean i didn't like it?

I better check.


1: Thanks, i like him too.

2: Oookay? So now i know about how old you are.

3: Person number... 6? that says that.

4: Yup, you did.

5: ARG! You hurt me, my cat, and.. umm... your strange way of telling me around how old you are? 0.o?

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@Indra: This isn't my first time doing so y'know. Last time it's just a big gold "Aveyond" text on a black shirt. This time it's a bit more complicated because it's .... more complicated. It's got pictures and stuff and I'm not using printed iron-on sheets so it's taking a while to make. The whole thing's hand-made, yo!

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