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Grimm keeps crashing

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I just purchased this game. And somewhere in the beginning of the game, it crashed. Now I can't even get it going at all. I have vista, if this helps anyone. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Let's start with the most common issues before diving in too deep.


Firstly, pay a brief visit to the Free Windows Update site provided by Microsoft here:

http://www.windowupdate.com (yes, I know on Vista it will bring up a local Window... but these instructions are more simple).


Review and install the supplied updates as suggested.


Once completed, you will need to review your audio and video adapter (for various reasons, some hardware vendors choose not to leverage the free service Microsoft provides for their clients).


You will be able to find your video and audio adapter by running DXDiag.exe from your start command.


If you are comfortable doing so, you will want to visit the hardware vendor site and determine if your drivers are the most current... updating to the most current if they are not.


If you are not comfortable doing so, simply send your system information to me Support@Amaranthia.com and I will help you with it.


Once these steps are performed... try the game again... my bet, it'll run just fine :)

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