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Need a GoN Save File? Look Here

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We have a couple of players who have kindly provided their Gates of Night end save files. If you'd like to continue a game and don't have your own, feel free to try one of these. You'll need to save the files into your Chapter 3 folder.


Thanks to Aisling for this group - she says she THINKS the save files are as follows: ;)



Save4 - Belf

Save5 - Lydia

Save6 - Stella

Save7 - Mel

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The second group is from belinda, who says she's not sure if ALL of the quests have been completed. Thanks belinda :)


Save1 - Belf

Save2 - Mel

Save3 - Stella

Save4 - Lydia

Save5 - Mel

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sory but ı cant find the how to download game files can someone help me ?

This topic was made in 2010, and it didn't migrate successfully from the old site.  You might want to contact Aisling (her page) and ask her if she still has the files. 


I don't know if Belinda is still here to ask about hers.

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