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Fineshed te game

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I just finished the game but I got bit of a shock at the end. I mean - who Spook turned out to be! I was sooo going to set him up with Mel over Edward and I got that at last! How heartbreaking! I don't know about Mel but I am sooo much in loss of Spook. I soooo wish I could get him. But nice story!


Going for second round of game! This time I will try to complete all the side quest including golden frog one! I came to know there are lot of choices for that golden frog quest! Any tips??? Which option would be the best one do you think?


Bye Bye Spook! I wish you would come back as just you are and not anybody else.

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I edited your post to hide the spoilers :)


With the golden frog quest, you can do many things, but here's what I'd suggest:


- Get thrown into jail before you have proof of Gwenalle's guilt (maybe you already know this one), and help Rat get out

- Agree to help Rat in Tyobi, and take both the bust and the frog. Tell Rat you need more time and just leave him there waiting, or tell him you didn't get anything

- On your next trip back to the Mainland, take the golden frog back to Walt. Follow Edward's suggestion about what to do with the fake frog ;)

- Get the ugly bust from Acropolis

- Go to Tyobi to Fahd's place, save your game first, then sell him the good bust

- Go get Edward, then reload your saved game (this choice costs you money, but I think it's funny and worth seeing, if not worth keeping)

- Sell Fahd the ugly bust

- Go back to Walt at the museum in Thais and sell him the good bust

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Hmmm, depends ;)


If you START the quest early in the game and agree to help the maids, your time is limited.


As Ines says, if you don't find a solution before another baby goes missing, she will have to take action...

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