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bastian - The Lore of Lorewyn

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RPG Maker VX
Creator : Bastian

The main character is an ordinary guy from our world, but one morning he awakens in a tower in a magical pre-Renaissance island kingdom. He discovers he is part of a prophecy and is to help the recently returned prince conquer the source of evil that has overrun the land, namely Radasol.

But all is not as it seems. On their journey they discover bit by bit that the quest they are on is more complicated and more full of intrigue than they could have imagined. Are they who the people tell them they are? Are they even where they seem to be? The ending will be a shock and a surprise.

Want an inkling of the plot twists? Want to ruin the story for yourself? Be warned. Don't highlight below.

*Is the Prince really who he thinks he is?

*Are they on the right side?

*Is there a reason why Baeon seems to remember things from Tyrin's world?

*Are they really in a different world after all?

Tyrin: (age unknown) from our world. Tyrin is not his real name, but that's what people call him here. He had little experience in swordplay in our world, but on waking in Lorewyn is exceedingly skilled. Mia says that this is because Swordplay is his Ability. He's contemporary and sarcastic and is pretty sure this is all just a dream. As he levels up, he learns "skills" related to Swordplay.

Mia: (early twenties) an Elemantal Mage who was assigned to Tyrin's Tower. She's bubbly and nice and fresh from training, so is eager to prove herself and her magic.

Baeon: (age unknown) the prince of Lorewyn. There are several strange facts about him. Firstly, no one knew Lorewyn had a prince. But the king reveals that Baeon's mother had concealed her pregnancy and ran away to birth him in secrecy. Unfortunately, Baeon was found unconscious today, remembering nothing of his past. His Ability is vast Strength. But this is useless to him as he is completely unskilled in weaponry. He's much more interested in spell casting, but lacks proficiency in anything but basic curative magic.

Syler: (early twenties) a young man from a noble family. His sister Sylea is thought to have been abducted by Radasol. He was too lazy and disinterested in training in weaponry or magic, so his quest in finding and freeing his sister is proving difficult.

Yasian: (quite elderly) an old forgetful mage who might turn out to be none of those things.

Sylea: (early twenties) a very skilled archer from a noble family with super eyesight as her Ability. She and her brother have more in common than either knew and will enjoy.

Screen Shots



* This game features 100% original music (yes, including Victory, Battle, Item, and Inn themes) written by the creator and his band in an Indie Rock style. And an extremely unique and unconventional story (once you get into it).
* Over 20 hours of gameplay!

(by creator)
* Enu for the Tankentai Sideview Battle System
* Star for ATB
* 2Chan for Mode7 VX
* Kylock for Light Effects VX

Download (final)

NOTE : I have obtained the permission of the creator to post this game in this forum :)

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I'll try contacting the developer for an alterate link. Sorry for the problem guys. I'll get it done soon ;)


EDIT : New link is up! It might have been a game stopper bug but this link is new and will work with no stoppage ;)

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